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How To Send Shoes

Sending shoes through the mail can be a tricky process. So it is essential to take a few precautions to make sure your shoes arrive at their destination in one piece. This article will explain how to prepare your shoes for mailing and provide some tips on packaging them properly.

Preparing your shoes

Shoes should be packaged with care, taking into account the heel height and weight of the shoe. No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance that (especially high) heels may break during transit. For this reason, we recommend using bubble wrap or paper to reduce the impact on your package.
If you are using a cardboard box, make sure it is strong enough to protect the shoes from being squashed. You can also use tissue paper or newsprint around the shoes to help absorb any shocks.

How should your shoes be posted?

One way to safely post a pair of shoes is to place the shoe in a plastic bag and then into a bubble wrap envelope. You can use either tape up the end or use sticky fixers. Fixing together two sheets of paper will also work. On top of this, you need to add cushioning material such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, or newsprint.
When posting several pairs of shoes, it is best to put them into a box. Again, use plenty of cushioning around the shoes and ensure that the box is strong enough not to be damaged in transit.

Checking your package

Once you have completed the necessary steps for packaging your shoes, it is time to check your package. Check that the shoes and their boxes (if you have used them) are not broken or damaged; if they are, contact the retailer or seller immediately.
If any parts of your shoe packaging are broken or damaged, do not post your shoes as they will probably arrive in a similar state with the potential to cause further damage.

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