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How To Send Golf Clubs

Golfers know that the best way to improve their game is by practicing regularly. But what if you live in a city and there’s no golf course nearby? Or maybe you’re on vacation and want to get in a few rounds while you’re away. No problem! You can still practice by sending your golf clubs through the mail. Here’s how:

Wrap a Single Golf Club

The key to wrapping a single golf club is to ensure that the shaft and grip don’t shift during shipping. To do this:

  1. Place a strip of bubble wrap on a table with the rounded end facing up.
  2. Place the butt end of the club head-first on top of it.
  3. Wrap one edge of a large piece of packing paper over the club’s back end and secure it with tape.
  4. Take another strip of paper and wrap it around both sides of the club.

External Packaging

If you’re sending a set of golf clubs, the best way to package them is in an external box. Start by lining the inside of the box with crumpled-up packing paper. Then, place each club in its cardboard tube. Ensure that the pipes are as close to the same size as possible and that they fit snugly inside the box. Next, attach a tape to the outer end of one tube and slowly slide it into an adjacent tube. Continue doing this until all of the tubes are connected.

Post a set of golf clubs

In the golf bag

While sending a golf club in a regular envelope is possible, it’s not recommended. The best way to mail a set of golf clubs is by using a golf bag:

  1. Make sure that the golf bag is free of any dirt or debris.
  2. Stuff it with crumpled-up packing paper until it’s nice and firm.
  3. Attach the golf bag to the outside of the shipping box with some packing tape.

Outside the golf bag

If you’re sending a set of golf clubs without a golf bag, you’ll need to use some extra protection. Start by stuffing some crumpled-up packing paper into the top and bottom of the shipping box. Then, place the clubs in the box one at a time. Make sure that each club is wrapped in its piece of bubble wrap and that the ends are well-protected. Finally, close up the shipping box and attach the appropriate shipping label.

Now you’re ready to send your golf clubs through the mail! Enjoy your practice rounds wherever you go.

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